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I live in the Bosque Village in Mexico. It is a retreat center and art space in the middle of a forest. My name is Brian. I moved from Seattle to Mexico in 2004. I live near Patzcuaro, but actually closer to a town called Erongaricuaro, or Eronga for short. It is a small town in a safe area with good culture. Depending on the time of year and the visitor, we host people for free. Perhaps for week, or if you help around the farm, or in the art studio, maybe longer. If you like to model, we could do a photo shoot. I am the founder of the space and am an unusual person. I retired young after working in industry, but then I have put my resources into building a space for the design of better human culture. I am likely not right for romance, but I like to mix it up with interesting minds! By my values, I live like a king. Fresh veggies from the gardens, and free range eggs. Nearest neighbor is a couple kilometers away. But it is rustic. So for those of you looking for high class expensive travel, the Bosque Village is not for you. We are more about ecology, gardens, and natural living. Most people come to learn about permaculture and sustainable living, but I am inviting more artists as well. We have a small festival, Cumbre Yah, in April each year. Visitors come from all over the world for a unique experience. So come visit. Locate me, and we can chat. I like to host travelers who are creative and interesting. I don't pay for other people to travel, but I do have a nice place to share with people traveling through Mexico. Lots of art and activities. It is very quiet here in the forest so spending time here can be a nice counterpoint to the activity of the cities. I still want more people living here. We seek a yoga teacher, English and Spanish teachers, meditation leaders, help in the kitchen and gardens and a director of the art studio. If you end up visiting you can know me and this experiment. Maybe you can help with the art, activities, or something Of course I am looking for romance as well, but that kind of thing is hard to plan for. There would have to be a spark. I am unusual. You can be smart and creative enough to find me.

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