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About me

Here to change & save the world. Just kidding but why not? l might be the one you're looking for or maybe not but l can assure you that l'm a fun & nice gentalman. No great expectations but it'd be magical if we find each other here. You can email me: tindereggatyahoo. Love is precious because it's so hard to find. I was a film professor for about 14 years. l write, make art & films. Here is my bio: Ozan Adam studied art and cinema at Bard College, attended The New School University for his MA. He worked as an independent artist and as a professional in film production, advertising, commercials, media, stage construction and design industries in New York. His body of diverse artwork consists of text; design, illustration, painting, sculpture, animation, film, video and installations which have been exhibited in solo and collective exhibitions around the world at many prestigious international exhibitions, biennials, museums, galleries and festivals around the world. He wrote a novel titled "The Manifesto About A Man Who Threw A Stone Into The Sky And Followed It" and translated it into English with the supervision of Prof. William Weaver who is the translator of many of the books of Uberto Eco and Italo Calvino. Many of his books including his artworks and his novels were published and are available online. His film “Zymotic-Amaurosis” was awarded with the Special Jury Award in the 14th International Ankara Film Festival and another film of his titled “The Two Names of A Testimony About The Execution of A Happening and A Suitcase Full of Broken Records“ was awarded as the Best Experimental Film in the 17th International Ankara Film Festival. He taught many courses and gave numerous lectures at many universities and has been invited by universities and institutions such as Middle Eastern Technical University, Bosphorus University, The Netherlands Institute of Higher Education, Aksanat Art Foundation and The Bauhaus Foundation in Germany for workshops, conferences and seminars. He has taught graduate and undergraduate courses including Introduction to Film & TV, Video Production, Advanced Lighting, Sound in Cinema & TV, Experimental Cinema, Music Video Production, Sound in Cinema & TV, graduate level Documentary courses and supervised projects in Istanbul since 2001. He directed commercials, advertisement campaigns and music videos. He has also served as a jury member for universities and the award juries of film festivals. Many of his artworks and films have been selected, awarded and presented by internationally acclaimed festivals, galleries and museums. His films were screened at Martin Gropius-Bau Museum, Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin, Louvre Museum and Pompidou Art Center in Paris, National Centre for Visual Arts, Reina Sofia National Museum in Madrid, Istanbul Modern Museum and Pera Museum in Istanbul. His works have been exhibited at many international solo and collective exhibitions some of which are RECONTRES INTERNATIONALES PARIS / BERLIN / MADRID, CENTRE POMPIDOU, JEU DE PAUMENATIONAL MUSEUM PARIS / REINA SOFIA NATIONAL MUSEUM, MADRID / HAUS DER KULTUREN DER WELT, BERLIN, ISTANBUL MODERN ART MUSEUM, 28th & 33rd ISTANBUL FILM FESTİVAL, SMALL CHANGES / OPENDOOR, Akbank Gallery, MISSING MOMENTS, Deform Art Gallery, OXIMOXI ART EXHIBITION, INTERNATIONAL ISTANBUL BIENNIAL, BACK TO THE CORE, Platform Garanti Contemporary Art Center / Tate Modern, LONDON, OPEN LIBRARY EXHIBITION, Platform Garanti Contemporary Art Center, 10th VENICE BIENNALE, VENICE, FOCUS ISTANBUL EXHIBITION, BERLIN, Berliner Pool Exhibition, MARTIN GROPIUS BAU MUSEUM, BERLIN, Bauhaus Foundation Group Exhibition, LUMENANCE OF THE MOON, USA, EUROPE & ASIA, I AM TOO SAD TO KILL YOU!, PROJE 4L CONTEMPORARY ART MUSEUM, THE PERSISTENCE OF LOW END AMBIENT VISION, AKBANK CULTURE & ART CENTER, OVERKILL, HEERESBACKEREI-KULTUR, BERLIN,NEW MUSEUM, NEW YORK & TOKYO. His feature film "For The Blinds" won the Special Jury Award at the Indian Cine Festival in Mumbai and it received excellent reviews. As the director of the first internationally awarded Turkish science fiction feature film that is not a comedy, an animation, a cult film or a remake he marks his place in the history of Turkish Cinema.

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